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STAFF REVIEW- Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde

Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde is a mystery set in the future with lots of wordplay and British wit. Centuries earlier, color perception was affected so that the elite are those who see the most hues. Edward Russet, an upper class wannabe, has to do community service at another village, and becomes embroiled there in murder and politics, perhaps even a revolution. --Paul, Adult Reference

STAFF REVIEW- Life Itself by Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert tells his life story, from high school newspaperman to respected film critic and writer.  He doesn’t shy away from the more unpleasant aspects of his story; the last chapter is especially powerful in its honesty.  This is a great read if you’re looking for an inspirational tale with some inside Hollywood lore thrown in.  --Susan, Administration

Brush with a Conscience

Visit which features toothbrushes with handles made from recycled yogurt cups.  Each comes in a “mail back pack,” which doubles as a prepaid return envelope.  When you’re ready for a new brush, put the old one back into its package, drop it in the mail and rest easy knowing it will be recycled by Preserve instead of tossed into a landfill.

Shades of Green

Sustainable- This label applies when an item is produced in ways that minimize its environmental impact, whether it’s made in a solar-powered factory or uses renewable resources or biodegradable packaging.

Naturally Derived- It’s a term used for a product whose raw materials come from a natural source, such as botanicals and fruit extracts, but have been chemically altered to make the formulation.

Green on-the-Go


Download a free app "goodguide" for your Apple or Android device to make the greenest on-the-go choices while shopping.  The application can scan the barcodes of more than 70,000 common food and household products, from Cheerios to Windex, and rate how environmentally responsible the items are on a scale of 1 to 10.

Email Etiquette

Stop YELLING at people :-) Have you ever written an email to someone and when you look up at the screen you realize you accidentally tapped the Caps Lock key? Now it seems like you’re YELLING AT SOMEONE IN THE EMAIL? It’s happened to most of us — especially those who look at their keyboard while typing instead of the monitor. If you’re nodding right now, chances are you’ve manually deleted everything you wrote in uppercase and wrote it all over again in lowercase.

This Tech Tip Goes to 11

Try pressing the F11 key for a nifty trick while using the Web. The top & bottom of the browser will disappear. Press F11 again for the browser to reappear. This could come in handy when you’re taking screenshots of a webpage. For example, those who teach classes will sometimes need to create images of a webpage to place into a PowerPoint slide. Once F11 removes the browser from view, press the “PrintScreen” key to copy & paste a full image of a webpage.

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