Do your part to keep our community safe. We thank you for wearing masks as required by the state of Illinois.
Open today 9AM-9PM

COVID Updates

Bringing the library back and putting your safety first

Your safety is our highest priority. As such, to protect yourself and others, we ask that you:

  • Do your part to keep our community safe. We thank you for wearing masks as required by local, state, or federal guidelines.
  • Keep your library visit brief.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or use complimentary hand sanitizer.
  • Stay home and utilize our digital services if you are feeling unwell.

Visiting? Here’s what you need to know:

To keep you and everyone safe, the following are unavailable:

  • Play areas

The following are available:

  • Holds pickup
  • Museum Adventure Passes
  • Checkout and self-checkout stations
  • Library card signup
  • Copying
  • Scanning
  • Faxing
  • Remote printing
  • Restrooms
  • Service desks
  • Computer access
  • Study Rooms
  • Seating
  • Quiet Room
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Water Fountains

As a reminder, children age 9 and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult or caregiver.

Learn about our Phased Reopening Plan

To help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and to continue serving our community, the library has developed a Phased Reopening Plan to reintroduce services and reopen the building. This plan was approved by the Board of Library Trustees at its May 27 meeting, and will continue to evolve as conditions change. Read our Phased Reopening Plan

Phase 5 (current phase)

  • The library will resume normal hours of operation
  • Seating may be reintroduced, and Study Rooms may be used, with limitations to allow for physical distancing
  • Printing/copying/scanning/faxing services may be reintroduced if schedules can allow for physical distancing
  • Library events and classes may resume for small groups, when a distance of 6 feet can be safely maintained

Phase 6:

  • Full services gradually will be reintroduced
  • All seating will be reintroduced
  • Physical distancing not required
  • Library events and classes for large groups will resume
  • Study Rooms and Meeting Room will reopen fully