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Gallery Wall Policy


Gallery Wall Application

The Tinley Park Public Library invites artists 18 years of age and over to submit an application for consideration. It is our goal to give local artists the opportunity to present new work in a public setting and encourages all artists in Tinley Park, Orland Hills, and its surrounding areas to apply.


The Tinley Park Public Library Art Gallery was created in 2004 and displays artwork to an audience of over 325,000 visitors annually. The library is located at 7851 Timber Drive, Tinley Park, IL.

The gallery space is located on the first floor of the library outside of the first level Meeting Room.

Twelve exhibition opportunities are offered per year, each spanning one calendar month. The gallery space is open to the public, and artwork can be viewed during normal library hours: Monday–Friday 9 am–9 pm, Saturday 9 am–5 pm, and Sunday noon–5 pm.


All applications will be reviewed by the Tinley Park Public Library. All submissions will be considered in terms of artistic quality, innovation, and social and cultural significance. The Tinley Park Public Library seeks diversity of media and artistic approach. Applicants will be notified of the library’s decision by mail or email.


All artwork submitted with this application must be of professional quality. If you have questions about whether your work can be hung in the gallery please contact:

Sarah Schroeder
Marketing and Public Relations Manager
708.532.0160, 5695

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Artwork that is accepted for exhibition at the Tinley Park Public Library Gallery will be selected from the artwork documented in the applications. The acceptance of an application does not indicate that the artist can exhibit artwork different than what has been submitted. If, after the acceptance of an application, any additions are to be made, those changes must be approved by the Tinley Park Public Library.

Artists who are awarded an exhibition in the gallery are chosen without regard to race, gender, disability, or sexual orientation of the artists.


The purpose of this application is to help the Tinley Park Public Library better understand your work. The library requests several supporting materials to accompany your application, and the following list of guidelines has been created to help you understand the various requirements.

  • All applicants need to complete the Artist Information (located on page 2 of the Gallery Application). This information will be necessary to aid the library in contacting the artists with questions, results of the library’s evaluation, or for other issues directly related to gallery wall or the display case.
  • Artists are requested to submit between 10 and 20 works for consideration. Works for consideration may be on your website portfolio (list the complete URL in the application), images submitted via email, or images on a flashdrive. Digital files should meet these specifications:
    • Files should be JPEG format; other file formats will not be accepted
    • All files should be at least 200 dpi at 4.25×6,” and images should be oriented to correctly represent the object
    • Files should use the following naming convention: Last Name _ First Initial _ Image Number
      (Example: The file name for image #1 by John Smith would be: Smith_J_01)
  • Flashdrives must be labeled with the artist’s full name and telephone number
  • Applicants are required to submit the Image Documentation List (found on the Gallery Application). This list will provide the library with all necessary information about the artwork. If your application is accepted, the library will also use this information for inventory purposes when the artwork is installed.
  • An Artist Statement is a valuable asset for the library’s understanding of your artwork. This is a brief description (no more than 1 page) of what your artwork is about and what motivates and inspires your work. Your Artist Statement should be typed on a separate 8.5 x 11” page and should be clearly labeled with “Artist Statement” and your full name at the top. This statement, if framed, can be hung along with the artwork for patrons to read.
  • Applications must be submitted in an envelope clearly labeled with “Gallery Application” and your full name.
    Applications can be mailed to:

Sarah Schroeder
c/o Tinley Park Public Library
7851 Timber Drive
Tinley Park, IL 60477

Applications may also be hand-delivered to the Tinley Park Public Library Checkout Desk.

If you have additional questions about submitting an application or regarding any of the requirements, please contact:

Sarah Schroeder
Marketing and Public Relations Manager
708.532.0160, 5695

Gallery Art Wall Requirements

  • All artwork submitted for consideration to be hung in the Gallery must be “ready to hang,” i.e., matted, framed and identified as appropriate to the pieces. The Tinley Park Public Library uses the Walker Display System and all artwork that is displayed must be hung using it. Artworks must be of an appropriate size and quantity to fill the gallery space.
  • Each exhibit must be accompanied by a sign stating the name of the exhibiting artist(s) (or the group and institution to which the artist(s) belong) and state that the library does not sponsor or endorse the artwork. In the instance that an Artist Statement is not provided the Tinley Park Public Library will provide an identifying sign. Artwork will be hung and removed through appointment only by the Tinley Park Public Library facilities staff. Appointments can be made Monday-Friday between the hours of 5-6 pm. Special arrangement can be made with advance notice.
  • The Tinley Park Public Library will not facilitate the sale of artwork. Prices may not be affixed to any material on display. All materials in the library will be given reasonable care and protection within the limits of the general operation of the library, but the Tinley Park Public Library and its Board of Trustees do not assume responsibility for damages or loss suffered on its premises, nor the cost of insurance coverage. Such costs, losses, damages, etc., are understood to be the responsibility of the organization or individual providing the display or exhibit. The library does not carry insurance on any items owned by the exhibitor. Exhibitors are encouraged to insure any valuable displayed materials.
  • The Tinley Park Public Library will not provide storage for the property of organizations or individuals displaying in the library. All exhibitors are required to sign the attached form which releases the library from any responsibility for displayed items.
  • The artwork displayed and the manner in which it is displayed will be regulated to the extent necessary to prevent the artwork’s physical characteristics from interfering with library staff and patron use of the
  • facilities for study, work, learning and enjoyment. The Tinley Park Public Library welcomes expression of all viewpoints, but does not accept responsibility for ensuring that all points of view are represented in any single display. Artworks may not advertise commercial endeavors, advocate the election of specific candidates or seek to influence the votes of a legislative body or the policy decisions of a governmental body.
  • Furthermore, to prevent injury to Tinley Park Public Library patrons, all artwork must meet existing State and Federal laws on obscenity, libel, defamation of character, or invasion of privacy. In addition, material that threatens violence or intimidation of any individual or group will not be displayed.
  • The Tinley Park Public Library will remove any artwork violating these policies from the gallery space immediately. The Tinley Park Public Library may also remove any artwork not removed from the gallery space by the library’s closing hour on the last working day of the month. The Tinley Park Public Library will not be responsible for the storage or condition of any artwork removed. All artwork for display must be picked up within 30 days of the end of display or artwork becomes the property of the Tinley Park Public Library to be disposed of at the library’s discretion.
  • All exhibitors are required to sign the attached form which releases the library from any responsibility for displayed items.

Gallery Wall Application

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Revised 03/25/09
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