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Social Media Patron Policy

Pursuant to its mission, the Tinley Park Public Library uses social media to communicate and share information with the community about Library resources, services, events, and news, and relevant community events. The Library believes that by participating in social media we are more accessible to our community members and can better promote all that the Library has to offer. Social media is defined as any site, application, or online account created and maintained by the Tinley Park Public Library which facilitates an environment for Library staff and community members to share information and opinions about Library-related resources, services, and activities.


Joining, utilizing, commenting, or posting on the Library’s social media sites implies agreement with this and all other Library policies. The Library, its employees, and Trustees assume no responsibility for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from participation in Library-sponsored social media sites.

Public Comments and Right to Monitor

The Tinley Park Public Library welcomes the comments, posts, and reactions of the community and recognizes and respects differences in opinion. Posts and comments made by community members are not the opinions or positions of the Library, its employees, or the Library Board of Trustees. The Tinley Park Public Library reserves the right to monitor content on all its social media sites and accounts, and to modify, remove, or report to the appropriate authorities any content that it deems, in its sole discretion, to be impermissible content based on the criteria defined below:

  • Content that is obscene, abusive, discriminatory, or threatens or disparages any person or group
  • Advertising or sale of merchandise or services, charitable solicitations, or political campaigning
  • Copyrighted, trademarked, or plagiarized material
  • Spam, links, or malware/viruses
  • Private and confidential information about oneself or others
  • Any content that violates or incites others to violate state, federal, or local law, ordinance, or regulation

The Library reserves the right to deny access to any/all of the Library’s social media sites for any individual or entity who violates this policy or applicable laws, at any time and without prior notice. Only employees designated and authorized by the Tinley Park Public Library can prepare content for or delete, edit, or otherwise modify content on Library-sponsored social media. Library-authored posts may be edited by designated Library staff for space and content, while retaining the intent of the original post.

Freedom of Information Act and Record Retention

Community members should be aware that content posted on Library social media sites is subject to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and record retention laws.

The Library’s social media sites shall clearly indicate that any content posted or submitted for posting are subject to public disclosure, and the Library will preserve the content of all social media postings in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The Library’s social media sites may be considered public records. The Library in its sole discretion shall determine whether postings on its social media sites are public records and whether exemptions from disclosure apply. If requested, the Library must disclose public records to third party requestors unless certain exemptions apply. By posting on the Library’s social media sites, users give the Library permission to use their name, profile picture, and the content of any posting without notice, compensation, or liability on the part of the Library. The Library is not responsible or liable for the content of posts and comments by community members on any Library-sponsored social media site.

Appeal And Review

Appeals for changes to, or exceptions to, any portion of the Social Media Policy will be considered. An individual wishing to file an appeal shall submit it to the Library Director.

Board Approved 9/26/2012
Revised 12/6/2017, 3/22/2023