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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The Tinley Park Public Library enriches the community by providing dynamic resources, exceptional service, and reliable information in a comfortable, welcoming space.

Vision Statement

It is the Tinley Park Public Library’s vision to:

  • Provide valuable customer service by a motivated, knowledgeable, and friendly staff.
  • Connect with the needs of a growing and diverse community.
  • Develop strong community ties through programming and activities.
  • Offer instruction and access to evolving technology.
  • Exhibit fiscal responsibility and environmental awareness.


Strategic Plan
Strategic Initiatives and Strategies

Strategic Initiative1: How can the Library continue to be a visible and engaged presence in the community?

1. Goal: We will partner with businesses and organizations in the community to increase our community presence.

   a. Objective: Offer collection boxes for our local food pantry and domestic violence shelter during holiday drives and other times of the year to help replenish food and supplies. (Public Information & Graphics, Circulation)

   b. Objective: Participate in monthly Chamber of Commerce meetings and other village events. (Marketing, Outreach, Administration, Public Information & Graphics)

2. Goal: We will solicit community input in order to respond to the community’s wants and needs.
   a. Objective: Form a committee to prepare a survey to be distributed online and in print. (Administration)

   b. Objective: Utilize social media to facilitate an ongoing dialog with the community. (Youth Services, Adult Reference, Marketing, Public Information & Graphics, Administration, Outreach)

3. Goal: We will use marketing and promotional tools to promote the library’s materials, services, and programs effectively to the community.
   a. Objective: Our Marketing Committee will create a marketing plan. (Marketing Committee, Administration)

   b. Objective: Use traditional and nontraditional methods of communicating and promotion throughout the library and community. (Youth Services, Adult Reference, Administration, Outreach, Public Information & Graphics, Marketing)

   c. Objective: Utilize the Bookmobile as a mobile marketing tool and as a “goodwill ambassador” through appearances at village events. (Outreach, Public Information & Graphics, Marketing)

   d. Objective: Assess our current offering of classes, book discussions, and programs relative to the wants and needs of our patrons. (Administration, Adult Reference, Youth Services, Marketing)

Strategic Initiative 2: How can Library staff continue to be part of a learning and evolving organization?

1. Goal: We will provide opportunities for staff to enhance the skills and knowledge necessary to better perform their jobs.
   a. Objective: Provide training and support to all staff at in-service events.(Administration, Technology Committee)

   b. Objective: Encourage staff to attend local continuing education training and conferences. (Administration, Youth Services, Adult Reference, Circulation, Public Information & Graphics, Technical Services, Outreach)

   2. Goal:  We will provide staff with the technology and training necessary for their work.
   a. Objective: Create and implement a plan for staff technology competencies, allowing staff to train and practice during work time. (Technology Committee, Administration)  

   b. Objective: Staff will review and evaluate new technologies as applicable to their job. (Adult Reference, Youth Services)

3. Goal: We will work to acknowledge the growing diversity of cultures and ages in our community.
   a. Objective: Form a committee to review the Village of Tinley Park’s 2011 demographic report and make recommendations. (Administration)

   b. Objective: Continue to develop world language collections and multicultural programming in response to the Village’s changing demographics. (Marketing, Adult Reference, Youth Services, Outreach)

   c. Objective:  Offer all staff the opportunity for diversity training. (Administration)

Strategic Initiative 3: How can the Library maintain excellent internal communication?

1. Goal: Staff will become more familiar with tasks and workflow within departments throughout the library.
   a. Objective: Develop a program for shadowing staff from other departments. (Administration, Managers)

   b. Objective: Develop staff orientation videos for each department and various library functions. (Managers)

2. Goal: We will establish a formal means of staff communication.
   a. Objective: Install an LCD in the staff lounge. (Administration)

   b. Objective: Institute a bimonthly staff newsletter. (Administration)

   c. Objective: Review previous Communication Committee report to ensure earlier initiatives are being implemented. (Administration, Managers, Marketing)