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Reaching Out to Our Schools

Youth Services offers a number of services and resources for teachers at schools that serve residents of Tinley Park or Orland Hills. We are dedicated to reaching out to our community schools, providing services for teachers to enhance the classroom experience and to promote an ongoing relationship between area schools and the public library. Check to see if your school is within our service area. You can contact any of our school liasons about the programs and services we have to offer to schools at

Special Education

Teachers who work with students with special needs may also benefit from our Special Services page, which highlights a number of resources available through the library to support your work in the classroom.

Battle of the Books

Our librarians visit various schools with Tinley Park or Orland Hills students in attendance every spring for the Battle of the Books competition. The contest revolves around the current year's Association of Illinois School Library Educators books and is offered to Grades 3–5 (who will read and be quizzed on books nominated for the Bluestem Award) and Grades 6–8 (who will read and be quizzed on books nominated for the Rebecca Caudill Young Readers' Award). The school hosts the competition and organizes the competing teams, while the library sends two representatives to the school to run the actual battle. We prepare and bring questions for these battles only. Battles should be scheduled well in advance. If you are interested, please contact the school liasons at or call the Youth Services Department at 708.532.0160, x 2.