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Common Core Online Resources

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Common Core Lesson Plan Template

Saved as a Word Document, this lesson plan template is structured around the common core standards. The template is designed to be filled in and edited either electronically or by hand.

Teaching Channel

This resource provides lots of free short videos of teachers in the classroom and great info on common core strategies. Free registration. More information is continually being added.

Teach Thought

This link gives 50 common core resources for teachers.  Great place to start!

Achieve the Core

Words from the website: “This website is full of free content designed to help educators understand and implement the Common Core State Standards. It includes practical tools designed to help students and teachers see their hard work deliver results. was created in the spirit of collaboration. Please steal these tools and share them with others.”


This website has several links to other common core websites as well as videos and articles on the common core.  Search this website for lessons, centers, activities aligned with the common core. (Some cost $ but several are free).


When searching common core through this site, many valuable resources become available.


This website has classroom videos, videos of teachers reflecting on the strategies they use to teach common core lessons, examples of number talks, and performance assessments.


This is a valuable resource which includes Book Wizard (a way of leveling books), information on common core, and a source for purchasing inexpensive children’s books.


FCRR is a multidisciplinary research center at Florida State University. FCRR explores all aspects of reading research—basic research into literacy-related skills for typically developing readers and those who struggle, and studies of effective prevention and intervention.

Live Binders

Physical 3-ring binders used to be the easiest way to organize all your educational resources. But now so much of what you want to organize is online. LiveBinders not only replaces the old 3-ring binder, but also opens up new opportunities for collaborating, organizing, and sharing that were never possible before.  This is a place to find lots of common core materials.

Engage NY

This site provides a ton of resources including videos on common core and various other professional development topics.


This link includespages of classroom-ready lesson plans, printables, and resources dedicated to helping teachers save time.

Common Core Illinois

This is a good resource for parents who want to know more about common core and the PARCC testing.

Common Core Works

This is an ideal resource for providing a breakdown of common core to parents that includes classroom videos of common core lessons.  Additionally, it provides a "road map" for each grade level that illustrates the progression of common core in accessible language.