June 2013

Exciting changes in libraries

How have you seen libraries change?

The Sunday Southtown Star cover story, details all of the exciting changes happening in libraries around Chicago and across the country.

'Times are changing in America, and if you want to see an institution trying to change with them, using every technological and conceptual tool it can, look no further than your local public library.'

Fountain Renovation

Work continues on our newly redesigned fountain, which should be up and running soon. The new fountain will feature decorative rocks, plumes of water and beautiful lighting, all surrounded by bench seating. We thank you for your patience and hope everyone will enjoy our new fountain for years to come!

The Great Books that Inspired Geeks to Change the World

Says Brian S Hall of readwrite.com: "The great geek works of fiction inspire engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs to dream their biggest dreams - or at least to muster the courage to light the way toward the future. These great books deserve to be celebrated. If you haven't read all of them, you should."