April 2014

Finding Family-Friendly Movies

When selecting a movie for your whole family to enjoy, including everyone from your youngest child to grandma and grandpa, relying on the MPAA guidelines is not always sufficient. After all, there are many different reasons why a film may receive a PG or PG-13 rating, and not all of it may align with what you deem to be suitable for your family to view.

Author Suzanne Ruff Returns to TPPL

Suzanne Ruff, author of The Reluctant Donor and Chicago native, returns to the library on April 30 for our Donate Life Month event. Last year she regaled us with her tales of life, love, and self discovery. Suzanne left us in both laughter and tears, as she related her story of donating her kidney to her sister JoAnne who was suffering from a genetic disease.

So, please join us Wednesday, April 30 at 7:00pm as we welcome Suzanne Ruff back to Tinley Park Public Library. Seating is limited and going quickly, so be sure to register today!


There are so many choices out there regarding consumer technology! Companies claim to offer the best deals and/or the latest & greatest gear all the time. With so many companies out there including Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, & Microsoft, where to begin? You may be wondering, can I access all of my pictures, music, movies, & books on the same device? Which devices are compatible with the library's free ebooks? How do I keep track of all these passwords?? The following New York Times article may help guide you with some of these questions.