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Take 2! Documentary Film Series

Saturday, March 25 at 1:00pm
Riding the Rails of History: The Story of the South Shore Line

The South Shore Line holds a special place in the hearts of residents of Northern Indiana and Northeast Illinois. This iconic 110-year-old commuter line runs from the Chicago Loop to South Bend, Indiana. Known for its iconic logo, memorable colors and vintage posters, the "Nation's Last Interurban" also plays an important role in the economic and cultural development of the region.

Take 2: Documentary Film Series

Saturday, March 25 at 1 pm
Documentaries tell the stories of our lives—often, stories many of us don't get to hear.  This new origram sheds light on locally created films that aim to improve our world, our minds, and our common future.  After the screening, stay for an interactive Q & A with the filmmakers themselves.  This Saturday, we will be screening Riding the Rails of History: The Story of the South Shore Line. No registration is required. Learn more.

Writing for Children: An Overview

Saturday, February 11 from 10 am – 2 pm

This workshop consists of a lecture and writing activities and provides a thorough overview of the steps in writing a children's book, including: types children's books, moving from one type to another in order to sell a manuscript, conferences, writing a query letter, what editors are looking for, editors' reactions, and writing and rewriting.  Lunch is provided. 

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What To Do With Vinyl Records

picture of a record playing on a turntableYou have all those vinyl records from your White Rabbit and Purple Haze younger days lying around your basement.
With our Conversion Station, you can bring in your 12" LPs or 45rpm singles and convert them to digital audio.
Recoup the investment you made all those years ago by continuing to enjoy the music you grew up with.

Learn more and sign up for an Conversion Station appointment.


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