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New Calendar System

Refreshing the Library Calendar System

On October 3, we updated the way you sign up for programs on our website. We appreciate your patience as we work to integrate our calendar with our website to provide an easy, seamless way to register for programs and classes.


Register for programs and classes

Visit Find relevant programs and classes quickly by using the search bar and filtering by age group and event type. To save time when registering, enter your library card number to autofill your contact information. If you're calling the library to register, make sure to have your library card number handy, as this helps us sign you up more quickly. Also, be prepared to provide an email address, as this helps us send you important updates about the event you've signed up for.

Request Conversion Station and Digital Media Studio Appointments

Did you know you can convert your photos and slides, VHS tapes, audio cassette tapes, and vinyl records to digital formats at our Conversion Station? Or, if you have a creative project, such as recording and editing video and audio, enhancing photographs, or designing graphics, you can request an appointment at our Digital Media Studio.

Visit to request an appointment at the Conversion Station or Digital Media Studio. You will receive a follow-up email once your reservation has been approved.

Manage Your Program Registrations and Room Reservations

Our new calendar system comes with a dashboard that lets you easily manage your event registrations and room reservations. If you used your library card number to register, you can pull up all registrations and reservations under your card number. Otherwise you can find your registration by entering the confirmation number that was emailed to you. Visit to manage your event registrations and