Computer Classes

Fall Classes


Registration begins on October 20th at 9:00 am via phone, online, or in person.

Monday , 11/3 at 2 pm-3 pm.  Class size: 6
Mousercise teaches those with little or no experience how to use a mouse. If you have not used a mouse, or if you do not know how to copy and paste, we recommend taking this class before any other.

Introduction to PCs
Tuesday, 11/4 at 10 am-12 pm.  Class size: 6
Teaches the fundamentals of personal computing, covering the desktop, files, folders, and applications (apps). This class is designed for beginning computer users.

Downloading Library Ebooks from eRead Illinois to Android and iOS Devices
Tuesday, 11/4 at 6:30 pm-8:30 pm.  Class size: 8
A hands-on class showing Android and iOS device users how to download ebooks from the eRead Illinois collection. Please bring your library card and device with you to class.

Beginner's Interent I & II (a two-part class)
Wednesday, 11/5 & 11/12 at 2 pm-4 pm.  Class size: 6
Learn how to find and evaluate information on the World Wide Web.

Windows 8.1 Basics
Saturday, 11/8 at 10am-noon OR 11/14 10am-noon OR 11/25 at 6:30 pm-8:30 pm.  Class size: 8
This hands-on class is for those who are comfortable with a personal computer and wish to transition to Microsoft's drastically redesigned operating system. Keyboard & mouse skills required.

Excel Pivot Tables (Popular Software SKills Center)
Tuesday, 11/11 at noon-12:45pm.  Class size: 6
Learn how to use pivot tables to summarize key data from a larger spreadsheet. Registrants should be familiar with Excel basics.

Downloading Media on Demand Ebooks to Kindles
Thursday, 11/13 at 2 pm-3:30 pm.  Class size: 8
A hands-on class showing Kindle users how to download ebooks from Media on Demand to their Kindles. If you own a Kindle, please bring it together with your library card and Amazon account information to class.

Introduction to LinkedIn
Tuesday, 11/18 at 6:30 pm-8:30 pm.  Class size: 6
How to join LinkedIn, build your profile, make connections, add recommendations, and maintain and enhance your LinkedIn page. This class is for those without existing LinkedIn accounts.

Searching vs. Surfing
Wednesday, 11/19 at 10 am-noon.  Class size: 6
Learn how to use the library databases to find information that you can't simply Google.

Too Many Passwords!
Thursday, 11/20 at 2 pm-3:30 pm.  Class size: 8
Protect your digital life by learning new ways to create passwords that are hard-to-hack. Discover online and offline methods of storing your many passwords.

How to Use the Library Catalog (SWAN)
Tuesday, 11/25 at 10 am-noon.  Class size: 6
Learn how to create a catalog PIN for managing your library accounts; search for, request, and renew materials; save your reading history; and more!

Online Job Searching
Tuesday, 11/25 at 2 pm-4 pm.  Class size: 6
Learn how to look for and apply for jobs online and how to use Microsoft Word to create resumes and cover letters.


For additional computer assistance, try the library's streaming video databases of computer instruction & more: