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The Friends of the Tinley Park Public Library

Who We Are

The Friends of the Tinley Park Public Library began on June 15, 1957 with their first meeting being held at the Tinley Park Village Hall. The Friends were no strangers to scrubbing floors; gathering, packing, unpacking, and shelving books; and painting. The call to help with a new building was a challenge which the brave 37-member group was up to and ready to embrace. Today the Friends are proud to have over 150 members and actively conduct a variety of fundraising ventures on an ongoing and yearly basis. The Friends support the library and give back to the community through a wealth of welcoming and exciting ways. They continue to take pleasure in embracing the library they love and supporting the community they live in believing that a good public library is vital to the intellectual, cultural, and social growth of our community.

The Friends help the library in countless ways by conducting fundraisers which support special events and library programs, as well as the purchasing of library furnishings and artwork. Members organize and maintain the Friends Book Store, just inside the entrance to the library. They also raise money through the sale of candy bars, book bags, and other items.

What We Do

  • We have the opportunity to work in the Book Store organizing and Maintaining gently used books and items for sale.
  • We assist at special library functions.
  • We sponsor various programs and projects for the library.
  • We promote the arts at the library through our Sunday Afternoon Concert Series and bi-annual theatre trips along with the artwork that is displayed throughout the building.
  • We hold a bi-annual residential shredding event.
  • We volunteer at special events held at the library.
  • We furnish equipment and materials that are beyond the library’s budget.