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The Museum of Bad Art (expires December 13)

Enjoy an evening of culture and comedy as we preview the world’s only museum dedicated to bad art.

The growing collection of works of bad art awaits your discerning eye. The Museum Of Bad Art (MOBA) has been collecting art that is “too bad to be ignored” since 1993. They analyze, compare to classic art, and share with thousands of fans around the world. In this introduction to MOBA you will discover unique pieces such as portraits that mistakenly resemble celebrities, utterly inaccurate human bodies, and unrecognizable famous landscapes. MOBA presents pieces from their collection, with an insightful, pithy, and often humorous commentary.

Speaker Bio:
Presented by MOBA founding member Louise Reilly Sacco.  Starting as the Director of Financial Enablement, she has risen to Permanent Acting Interim Executive Director. The Permanent Acting Interim Executive Director of the Museum Of Bad Art was part of MOBA’s founding team in 1993. Despite a complete lack of formal training in any visual arts, Louise continues to lead MOBA to maintain a reputation as the world’s leading institution in this field.

This virtual/hybrid event was recorded on November 15.

The True Story of a Navy Nurse POW (expires November 23)

The Incredible True Story of a Navy Nurse POW in the Occupied Philippines.

Join author Emilie Lucchesi as she tells the amazing story of Dorothy Still, a 27-year-old California native who was imprisoned for three years by the Japanese military. In 1942, twelve U.S. Navy Nurses were taken prisoner of war by the Empire of Japan. The nurses were sent to a civilian prison camp in Manila that was packed with desperate and ill men, women, and children. The nurses bravely maintained rank and provided tireless care until their liberation in 1945. Dr. Emilie Le Beau Lucchesi tells the heroic WWII story of the brave Navy Nurses known as “The Twelve Anchors.”

Speaker Bio: Dr. Emilie Lucchesi is the author of “This is Really War: The Incredible True Story of a Navy Nurse in the Occupied Philippines,” (Chicago Review, 2019) and “Ugly Prey: An Innocent Woman and the Death Sentence that Scandalized Jazz Age Chicago” (Chicago Review, 2017). Her work has run in The New York Times, The Atlantic, Discover Magazine, Chicago Tribune, and the country’s top newspapers. 

This virtual/hybrid event was recorded on November 6.