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Tech Roundup & 3D Printing

We had a lot of fun at our last Tech Roundup on February 20th, when we had our grand opening for our new media labs, the Conversion Station and Digital Media Studio. We also welcomed Don Brozek from the Southworks Makerlab Network who demonstrated 3D printing and introduced us to making. Commonly, 3D printers are used, but other tools are available in maker labs, such as laser cutters or CNC machines. Making also incorporates taking old or broken devices and repurposing them to create something useful or fun.

While we have yet to acquire such tools, we now have the Digital Media Studio available for you to begin making your digital creations. Make a reservation today or learn more about it on our website. Read more about 3D printing & making, and view or download a copy of Don's presentation.

Love & Literature

Man and woman carrying stacks of books shaped like a heart

This introspective librarian often looks to literature to find the words that come closest to capturing the ineffable parts of human existence. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than to hit the books in search of mankind’s most beautiful, flattering self-portrait— our capacity to love?

David Bowie (1947 - 2016)

Though most known for a ground-breaking, legendary career in music, art, fashion, and film that spanned six decades, David Bowie was also famously a voracious reader. Many of his works contain literary references and in interviews, he often alluded to books he had read or was currently reading. In 2013, as part of their efforts in creating the David Bowie Is art exhibit (which was displayed at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago as well as many major cities throughout the world), curators Victoria Broackes and Geoffrey Marsh compiled a list of David Bowie's Top 100 Books. The list spans a number of genres. tastes, and time periods and speaks volumes about Bowie's breadth of interests and how he came to be a cultural icon.

Banned Books Week

September 27 - October 3

Every year, the American Library Association celebrates the freedom to read by raising awareness of censorship in schools and libraries across the nation. The ALA compiles an annual list of the top ten most frequently challenged books in school and public libraries.

New Comics Added to Hoopla

You like your comics with a touch of the supernatural, or sci-fi? Hoopla, our new partner for digital media, has just added a bunch of new graphic novel series from Image Comics to their lineup. Currently, you can download The Walking Dead (volumes 1-23), Spawn Origins (volumes 1-10), Saga, Morning Glories, Invincible, and Chew.

Now you can get right into the action when you read these comics right from the Hoopla app (App Store or Google Play). Their new Action-View provides one-of-a-kind immersive panel-by-panel reading experience.


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