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A "Dangerous" Book Review

A Dangerous Deceit, by Marjorie Eccles, is a wonderful Golden Era-style mystery. Ms. Eccles is best known as the author of the Gil Mayo series, which takes place in a modern English village. A Dangerous Deceit, on the other hand, takes place in the years after World War I, and does a great job in capturing that era. Although she is still reeling from the death of her father, Margaret Rees-Talbot looks forward to her marriage to Symon Scroope, who is both a Vicar and a member of the British aristocracy.

2013's Greatest Young-Adult Graphic Novels

The Young Adult Library Services Association (officially, the hippest library association) has picked the top 10 graphic novels for 2013

We have many of these at Tinley Library, you can also request any of these with your library card. Either Ask a Librarian or log into your library account and use the catalog. Also, see the complete list at the YALSA website.

YA New Releases for February

As the month of February continues to bring record-breaking cold temperatures, the world of Young Adult literature is just beginning to heat up for the year!  With new and continuing series and stand-alone novels in a variety of genres, there's something for everyone this month.  Here are just a few highlights of what to expect.

The Lock-in

Last Friday was our semi-annual Lock-in program for teens here at the Tinley Park Public Library. We get a lot of questions about the Lock-in from teens, parents, and even other staff members. When is it? Who is it for? What do you do? Do you sleep? How do you stay up the whole night? In this post I hope to answer these and other frequently asked questions.

The Bechdel Test in Popular Media

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “The Bechdel Test” uttered over the last few years, as the concept in feminist critical theory has received mainstream attention. But where does the test come from? The Bechdel Test, originating from a comic strip written by Alison Bechdel in 1985, was initially designed to evaluate films based on their portrayal of women. Are the women (if any) in a particular film multidimensional characters with significant roles in the plot? The test operates under the assumption that mainstream contemporary filmmakers (who statistically tend to be male) generally create films that do not portray women fairly or accurately.


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