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Charity Collections within the Library Policy

The Tinley Park Public Library is pleased to provide a central point for collection projects sponsored by, or designed to benefit, not-for-profit community organizations. The library does not necessarily endorse the philosophies or practices of organizations hosting collections, nor is the library responsible for items collected.

Please carefully read the guidelines below before contacting the library to request permission to conduct a collection project.

  1. Requests to conduct a collection project must be approved by the Marketing and Public Relations Manager. Please email or call 708.532.0160 x5695. Collection boxes (or other receptacles) placed without approval will be removed from the lobby.
  2. Sponsoring organizations must provide the names and contact information for individuals responsible for the collection project.
  3. The library will provide collection boxes and signage. Sponsoring organizations may not bring in their own boxes or signs.
  4. The library will provide informational handouts when applicable.
  5. Collection boxes will be located in an area designated for this purpose by the library.
  6. The library reserves the right to limit the number of simultaneous collection projects.
  7. The library reserves the right to limit the frequency of collection projects.
  8. Collection projects are limited to a maximum period of 30 days, unless otherwise approved by the Public Information and Graphics Manager.
  9. Authorized representatives of sponsoring organizations must be available when called for pick-up of accumulated items. These items must be picked up within 24 hours from time of call.
  10. If the library is currently hosting a collection for a particular item or organization, it will be at the discretion of the Public Information and Graphics Manager to host additional collections for the same or similar type of items or organizations.
  11. If an organization does not abide by these guidelines, permission to conduct a collection project will be withdrawn and collection box will be removed.

Board Approved 04/22/15