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Collection Development Policy

The Tinley Park Public Library seeks to enrich the community by providing dynamic resources, exceptional service, and reliable information in a comfortable, welcoming space. In reference to its collection, the Tinley Park Public Library supports the Library Bill of Rights and the American Library Association’s Freedom to Read and Freedom to View Statements. (See Exhibits 1, 2, and 3.) Within this context of intellectual freedom, the Library has developed a Collection Development Policy to set forth the scope of its collections, the role of the Library Board and staff in developing these collections, the criteria by which materials are selected, and the methods by which community members may contribute to the collection.

The Tinley Park Public Library is a member of Reaching Across Illinois Library System (RAILS), System Wide Automated Network (SWAN), and OCLC WorldShare. In conjunction with these entities, the Library may utilize interlibrary loan to satisfy those patron requests that cannot be met by the Library’s own collection.

The Tinley Park Public Library primarily serves patrons residing within the Library’s boundaries as well as those under contractual agreement with the Orland Hills Public Library District.

It is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees of the Tinley Park Public Library to review and approve this Collection Development Policy. The Board is responsible for protecting the rights of the Library user and ultimately answering any and all questions regarding the policy and preservation of an individual’s right to know.

In accordance with Illinois library law, specific selection, ordering, maintaining and weeding of all Library materials are delegated to the Library Administrator.

The Library Administrator delegates selecting, ordering, maintaining, and weeding the library collection to the appropriate staff as outlined by the Board of Trustees of the Tinley Park Public Library’s Collection Development Policy. Under the Library Administrator’s direction, such members of the professional staff who are qualified by education and training will participate in selection and weeding of library materials. No employee may be disciplined or dismissed for the selection of Library materials when the selection is made in good faith and in accordance with this written Collection Development Policy.

The collection is designed to meet the diverse needs of Tinley Park Public Library patrons of all ages. It is the duty of the staff to acquire materials which meet these needs even though the materials may present views contrary to the personal beliefs of staff members, Library Board members, community organizations, or individuals. All different types of format will be considered when selecting materials, taking into consideration possible future technological advances. The Library provides materials in whatever format best meets the needs of the community, whether hard copy or digital. Textbooks may be acquired in order to augment the Library’s nonfiction collections and to supplement curricular needs.

The Tinley Park Public Library policy directs that the selection of Library materials shall be made on the basis of their value to interest, enlighten, entertain, and inform all people of the Library’s community. No material is excluded because of the race, nationality, political or social views of the author.

Selection of materials is influenced by:

  • Anticipation of and response to continuing and changing needs and interests of the community and individuals
  • Professional judgment
  • Input garnered from critical reviews and selection sources
  • Budgetary considerations
  • Timeliness
  • Patron requests
  • Other considerations

Multiple copies of a title may be purchased in accordance with patron demand.

The collection of the Tinley Park Public Library has been enriched by many donations of books and other materials. The Library is grateful for these gifts and actively seeks gifts from the community.

The decision to include gift materials in the collection is based on this Collection Development Policy, the physical condition of the materials, staff input, the Library’s needs, and the Library’s facilities to house the materials. Gift materials are integrated into the general collection with a bookplate identifying the donor if applicable.

All honorary, memorial, and monetary gifts for materials are acknowledged. Cash gifts are expended by the Library Administrator and/or staff in accordance with this policy, the recommendations of the donor, and the needs of the Library. Receipts for material donations are given upon request with no monetary value assigned. Books and other materials are accepted on the condition that the Library Administrator has the authority to make whatever disposition of the materials is deemed advisable in accordance with the criteria applied in this Collection Development Policy. The Library does not accept for deposit materials which are not outright gifts. In certain cases, a special contract for maintenance and use of a collection in the Library is entered into between the Library and the party retaining control of the material.

All areas of the collection of the Tinley Park Public Library are continually re-evaluated. This is to be done proactively in order to find areas that need to be strengthened as well as to identify materials that need to be withdrawn. As all viewpoints on issues are sought, additional materials will be selected to add to the viewpoints already represented in the Library’s collections.

The Library’s holdings are continually evaluated by the professional staff in order to maintain a useful collection that meets the needs of the community. Decisions for removal are based on diminished circulation, physical condition, usefullness, and accuracy.

Materials from the Library’s collection may be discarded, sold, given to local philanthropic, educational, cultural, governmental, or other not-for-profit organizations.

A singular obligation of the public library is to reflect within its collection differing points of view on controversial or debatable subjects. The Tinley Park Public Library does not promote particular beliefs or views, nor does the selection of an item express or imply endorsement of the viewpoint of the author. Library materials are not marked or identified to show approval or disapproval of the contents, nor will items be sequestered, except for the purpose of protecting them from damage or theft.

Comments from members of the community about the collection or individual items in the collection frequently provide librarians with useful information about interests or needs that may not be adequately met by the collection. The Library welcomes expression of opinion by patrons, but will be governed by this Collection Development Policy in making additions to or deleting items from the collection.

Members of the community may bring their concerns regarding any specific title or item in the collection to the attention of the Library. A Reconsideration of Library Materials form is available at all service desks.

Until this process has been completed, no removal or restriction of material undergoing review shall take place. The decision of the Board of Trustees on reconsideration of material is final.

Patron Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials Form *

Original: 1997
Revised: June 2003
Revised: July 2007
Revised: October 2008
Revised: October 2013
Revised: August 2014
Revised: April 2018