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Digital Media Studio Policy

Digital Media Studio (DMS) Users must be Tinley Park Public Library (TPPL) cardholders in good standing, with fines not exceeding $10.00 and account information up to date. If a group of individuals intends to use the DMS together, the group cannot exceed four (4) people, and at least one group member must have a TPPL card in good standing. Staff will retain a User’s library card and current (unexpired) photo ID (state or school-issued) while the room is in use.

All Users must be at least thirteen (13) years old, and permission must be granted beforehand by a parent/legal guardian who’s responsible for the library account for those 13-17 years old. The User whose library card is retained by library staff will be responsible for any damages, missing items, misuse of equipment, breach of policy, or misconduct.

Only TPPL staff can add, remove, or modify any library-owned or User-owned equipment including cables, keyboards, mice, speakers, instruments, etc. Users are not permitted to install or uninstall any new software. All DMS equipment must stay in TPPL’s Computer Classroom.

Users are requested to comply with Title 17 US Code of Regulations regarding copyright and trademark law. Infringement may result in DMS privileges suspended and/or permanently forfeited. The DMS may not be primarily used for web-browsing, word-processing, email and other technology uses that can be conducted on TPPL’s public PCs.

It is the User’s responsibility to save their work on an external memory source, such as a cloud storage website, flash drive, etc. Files saved to the DMS computer will be erased upon restart. The library is not responsible for lost files.

No food or uncovered drinks are permitted while using the DMS.

The doors to the DMS must remain locked and closed while the room is in use. Users must remain in the DMS during their scheduled session, with the exception of brief breaks; staff will unlock doors when Users return. If there is a group, at least one User must stay in the DMS at all times. Please note that the DMS is under recorded video surveillance at all times.

All Users must comply with TPPL’s Patron Behavior on Library Property Policy and Internet Access and Computer Use Policy and Procedures.

Board Approved 4/2017