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In the News: Ukraine

March 14, 2022

As the invasion of Ukraine continues, we are thinking of the people on all sides who are affected, including those in our own community with loved ones back home. 

Resources to Help You Learn More

At TPPL, we encourage and support continuous learning, literacy, and intellectual curiosity. Here are several library resources that can help you find more information about the Ukraine/Russia conflict.

News, History, & Stories

  • Librarians have curated a list of titles that can help you better appreciate the history and culture Ukraine, as well as understand the circumstances that led to the current conflict.
  • Access daily news from around the world with PressReader, through the mobile app or on your computer.
  • Find background information on any topic with Credo Reference.
  • Get cultural information on Ukraine (and any other country) with CultureGrams.

Develop Critical Thinking: When reading the news, it’s important to critically assess what you’re consuming and be careful when sharing news on social media. This guide from the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) can assist you in determining if a news article or social media post is accurate and reliable.

Self Care and Support: Take a break from the news cycle for your mental health when you need to.

  • Teen Health & Wellness provides nonjudgmental curricular and self-help support for teens, and includes the Calm Room, which features resources to help you relax and focus, including guided meditation, relaxing visuals and sounds, and live nature and animals cams (also good for adults!).
  • Unsure how to talk to your children about the war in Ukraine? Check out this article for tips. Our Youth Services librarians can also recommend titles to help your child work through emotions and anxiety.



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